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The principles of Mesotransduction®:

intracellular actions by fractional micro-pulses and molecular polarization

Unlike all anti-aging devices that use galvanic type currents: iontophoresis, sonophoresis, ultrasound, the Mesotransduction® used by the MESO-T6 – T8 and MESO-T8 + devices is a real technological innovation, thanks to its algorithm allowing the sera to penetrate to the heart of the dermis .

It consists of :
increase, in an intense and extremely fast way, the electric potential of the cells to create mesotransductive passageways, which will allow the diffusion of the active principles in the deep and underlying cutaneous layers , thanks to fractional micropulse

Transform the polar charge of the active molecules by passing them through a molecular polarization chamber.

These two actions allow transduction, even in the deep and underlying skin layers.

Understanding the Mesotransduction Technology

The epidermis is a coating epithelium whose particular function is to constitute a barrier effectively protecting the internal environment , attacks of the external environment , first and foremost dehydration.

Thanks to its hydrophobicity, the stratum corneum plays a role of barrier to the diffusion of the water, controls the fluid flows and the percutaneous absorption.

This physical peculiarity explains why most cosmetics, applied simply on the skin , are rather inefficient. Their passage in the dermis is difficult, prevented by the corneocytes welded together by tight junctions.

Mesotransduction® allows the passage of molecules (including high molecular weight) that were previously usable, only through transcutaneous injections.