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The principles of Cryotherapy:

Intracellular actions by emission and diffusion of a stabilized cold

The skin is stimulated by a probe that diffuses cold air stabilized at -3 degrees. The sudden lowering of the temperature causes a natural and lasting thermal shock thanks to the passage of a probe, the CRYO-P + Cryode to the round and flat tip (as well as a rounded micro-head for the zone of the contour of the eye) specially designed by our research and development department.

Understanding the Cryotherapy by
CRYO-P + probe Technology

This technology is derived from Cryotherapy used for many years by top athletes, to bring them a better physical recovery.

Tissue cooling causes a rapid arteriolar and capillary vasoconstriction, obtained by reflex (thermo-regulation).

When the application of cold is maintained long enough, it is followed by vasodilatation. This vasodilatation, called paradoxical, corresponds to a hyperemia (excessive influx of blood) protection.

The creation of a continuous alternation of vasoconstriction / vasodilatation, by an arteriovenous pumping effect, stimulates the blood and lymphatic microcirculation which naturally activates the process of penetration of the active ingredients, inducing:

– Oxygenation of tissues
– Tissue Gymnastics
– Stimulation of cellular metabolism
– An instant burst of brilliance