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Help your customers achieve their skin goals with the All-In-One Meso T8+

Award winning face and body anti-ageing skin care solution for Professionals.

The MESO-T8 + is our professional equipment equipped with our three advanced technologies, Mesotransduction ® dedicated to skin treatments for use with mesocosmetic serums, Cryotherapy and Phototherapy technology.

This latest-generation solution, released in 2017, offers a unique, non-invasive and very quickly effective quality of care.

The MESO-T8 + is equipped with:

  • 10" touch screen
  • 2 treatment heads and 2 face heads for Mesotransduction® care
  • 1 treatment head for Cryotherapy care, CRYO-P + cryode
  • 1 LED treatment head for phototherapy care
  • 3 head supports
  • 1 storage base for care preparation


Deep Penetration Of Ingredients


Alternative to Mesotherapy. 95% penetration rate of active ingredients. Allows the serum to act effectively, deep within the dermis, to target the desired results, on all selected areas. ONLY technique of electroporation family that is painless and stress-free for the skin!


Increase In ATP Production


Penetrating light emission of selected colors that have been the subject of specific research. Use of a LED treatment head, developed with a narrow field of action of 12° to 18°, allowing to work at 1cm of the skin, with an optimal penetration of light.


Stimulation Of Blood Circulation


Diffusion of a stabilized cold at -3°C. Energizes blood and lymphatic exchanges to re-oxygenate tissues and eliminate waste. Optimizes the effect of active ingredients  with Mesotransduction, coupled with an immediate effect on the texture and skin radiance.


Stand out by offering technical beauty rituals that provide targeted and personalized solutions, whose results are visible and can be felt immediately
  • Differentiate yourself with a unique skin care offer, that resembles aesthetic medicine
  • Attract a new clientele that seeks results, without using aggressive techniques
  • Build loyalty, retain your clientele with “à la carte” skin care programs
  • Increase your sales revenue with treatments with high added value and high profitability


Discover effective, non-invasive and painless skin care solutions without side effects
Benefit from personalized skin treatments with impressive, immediate and long lasting results

Professional Care Range for Meso T8+

Expert cosmetics for paired technical care

These Mesocosmetics form a complete range of 21 preparation products , peels and serums face and body. They are also used in the preparation phase for Phototherapy and Cryotherapy programs. Our exclusive formulas support the skin in its regeneration process and significantly increase cell renewal and activity.

For each type of care there is a targeted solution , with its specific selection of active ingredients macro or micro structured, high concentration.

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