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Stop Contraction Serum - 50ml


STOP CONTRACTION is a serum that relaxes expression lines. Its formula acts directly on facial muscle reflexo contractions. Its action relaxes and reduces wrinkles naturally marked by facial expressions of everyday life.

From the very first applications, there is a “good-looking” effect which results in a smooth, refreshed and luminous skin. STOP CONTRACTION is a “botox like” serum that allows you to space botulinum acid injection sessions.


Key Active Ingredients


Acétyl hexapeptide-8

It is part of the family of peptides “botox-like” that will relax and inhibit the phenomenon of automatic muscle tension, responsible for the formation of wrinkles.
This hexapeptide mimics the N-terminus of SNAP-25. It competes with this natural protein in order to position itself in the SNARE complex.

As a result, the neurotransmitters are released efficiently and the contractions of the face are weakened, the muscles are relaxed, thus preventing the formation of expression lines and wrinkles. A true alternative to botulinum toxin, this active ingredient is known to be safer and with no side effects.



It is a glycosaminoglycan, a component of connective tissue. called “native”, in other words, those that we naturally have in the body. One of its roles is to fill the space between the cells to ensure the maintenance, the elasticity and the level of cutaneous hydration.

In addition to low, medium and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, there is a cross-linked hyaluronic acid. In its general state, the HA is liquid. When it is desired to create volume, these HA molecules must be “glued” together. This is where the crosslinking process comes in. The HA will then have a higher density and durability and its effects will be more prolonged in time.

It has a plumping action that restores volume and elasticity to the skin, which becomes softer, with smoother features.


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