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Sebo Control Serum - 50ml


SEBO CONTROL is for oily, acne prone skin and reactive skin.

It is a serum whose formula will regulate seborrheic excess, reduce aesthetics flaws, calm diffuse redness and soothe the heating effects.

For oily skin or acne, it has antimicrobial properties that will reduce the bacterial proliferation and will clean the skin. For irritations or rednesses, it has soothing and healing properties.


Key Active Ingredients


Rosa canina fruit extract

Known in Europe as “dog rose”, this wild variety has cynorrhodons rich in Vitamin C. It is a fake fruit, formed by the transformation of the floral receptacle into a fleshy urn, which contains the real fruits, the achenes.

This active ingredient has antiseptic, astringent, healing, regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties that will help reduce redness. These different properties make it a valuable asset for improving acne, mild burns and rosacea.


Centella asiatica extract

This Asian plant, also called “tiger grass”, is composed of madecassoside that has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiradical and healing qualities. It promotes skin repair and has a beneficial role on inflammation in the microcirculation, ideal for reactive skin.

This active ingredient is ideal for reactive skin because it will be able to calm redness and also improve the appearance of seborrheic skin.


Ginkgo biloba leaf extract

Native to Asia, Ginkgo biloba is one of the oldest arboreal species that can live for more than 1000 years. It is rich in flavonoids and terpene lactones (ginkgolides and bilobalides).

This gives it healing, stimulating, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that will calm the reactive skin or diffuse redness.


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