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Isostam Serum - 50ml


ISOSTAM is an illuminating serum for better complexion. Its formula, concentrated mainly in vitamins, makes it possible to unify the complexion and to make it more radiant, while acting on the reinforcement of the cutaneous barrier.

It limits daily external irritations (time, cleansers …) and the production of free radicals from external sources (such as pollution, UV, cigarette) to protect the integrity of the cellular metabolism and to prevent activation of early ageing.


Key Active Ingredients


Ascorbyl palmitate

It is an essential vitamin that protects the integrity of the DNA of our cells, fight against free radicals (oxidative stress, pollution, UV …) in synergy with vitamin E. The latter can even be regenerated by vitamin C when exhausted by its anti-radical role.

Vitamin C is more effective for the skin topically than orally. It boosts elastin and collagen fibers, fights cell inflammation and boosts radiance, while improving blood circulation.

More oxygenated and nourished, the epidermis benefits from stimulation of the repair process. The skin becomes more uniform and firm, the complexion is luminous and the texture of the skin is more homogeneous.


Tocopheryl acetate

It is known as a natural antioxidant that protects the skin from oxidation. It is present in sebum. Over time, as the skin dries out, it secretes less, making it more vulnerable to free radicals.

Vitamin E improves the “barrier” function by decreasing the permeability of the skin for better tissue hydration. It fights inflammatory skin manifestations and maintains the elasticity of the skin.

All these actions that complement each other will help to find a uniform complexion and preserve the youth of the skin.


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