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Whitening Serum - 50ml


WHITENING is a lightening serum. Its formula accelerates cell renewal to lighten the complexion and reduce visible spots.

Thanks to the keratolytic action, this serum will help to lighten the brown spots to unify and homogenize the complexion. The skin texture is also refined and the complexion becomes brighter.

It also fights against external aggressions responsible for cell oxidation which induces early skin ageing.


Key Active Ingredients


Retinyl palmitate

Also called Retinol, it plays an important role in cell renewal and immune defenses. It has an antioxidant role that protects skin from external aggressions, oxidative stress, ageing (induced by UV and pollution) and other factors that could cause a break in the health of the cells, giving a dull and uneven skin tone.

Vitamin A also helps in the breakdown and regulation of melanin, responsible for spots.

The skin is thus smoother, fresher and more homogeneous.


Bacillus ferment

Bacillus forms bacteria that by fermentation has a keratolytic and exfoliating action that melts dead skin cells. It also has a regenerating action due to the cellular repair process related to the exfoliating action. When the skin is cleared of dead cells, it enters a natural process of regeneration by making new cells.

This process is accelerated during an exfoliation.

It is an enzyme as much, if not more effective, than glycolic acid.


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