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Lifting Botox Effect Mask


LIFTING-BOTOX EFFECT is a silver lining sheet mask in white viscose, soaked with a lifting effect serum to help invoke the fillings and effects of anti ageing.

Its formulation reinforces the support fiber networks, while limiting the reflexo-muscular contractions.

It will reduce expression lines thanks to the fixation of peptides on the receptor of the muscle cell, inhibiting the contraction process. It brings an immediate “relaxed face” anti ageing effect.


Key Active Ingredients for the anti ageing effect


Acetyl octa peptide-3

Of synthetic origin, it is an analogue of the end of SNAP-25 N terminal, elongation of ARGIRELINE, peptide, also called “Botox-like”.

Mechanism of action is during transmission between neurons, the fixation of the neurotransmitter (acetylcholine) is accompanied by a depolarization of cells leading to muscle contraction (expression wrinkle). Fixation of the peptide on the receptor inhibits depolarization* and leads to muscle relaxation giving off the anti ageing effect.

The depth of wrinkles caused by over-stimulation of the facial muscles is reduced. This is a topical alternative to injections that will give a more rested and relaxed look alike face.

*Depolarization: the depolarization of a cell refers to the transition passage of the potential of the membrane from a negative value, called rest, to a positive value.


Acmella oleracea extract

This medicinal plant is composed mainly of Spilanthol which has a myorelaxant property, that is to say which slows the cutaneous micro-contractions undergone daily and involuntarily, resulting in the formation of expression lines.

This active also induces a stimulation of the contractile force of the fibroblasts (increased cell / collagen fiber interaction) which will reorganize and strengthen the collagen network.

The skin is relaxed, smoothed and firmed resulting in the appearance of anti ageing.


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