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The Ultimate Solution for Anti-Ageing & longer lasting healthy skin.

Skin problems treated by Positive Ageing Cosmetics include wrinkles, sagging, age spots, complexion irregularities, stretch marks and more.

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Why Choose Positive Ageing Cosmetics?

Home Care Serums are an integral part of the POSITIVE AGEING™ SOLUTIONS Concept.

To complete the technical skin care carried out in the cabin treatment and optimize their results, we created the Home Care Range, for a beauty complementary routine, at home.

Formulated by French cosmetologists, according to pharmaceutical quality standards, this latest generation of cosmetics are based on a cellular oxygenation system.

They form a range of 9 serums and 3 face masks made of cellulose fibers /viscose sheet soaked with serums.

For each type of skin and/or problematic encountered, there is a targeted solution, with a selection of high concentrated active ingredients.

  • 10+ years of expertise
  • Formulated by French cosmetologists according to pharmaceutical quality standards;
  • Trusted by the Professionals;
  • Created based on cellular oxygenation;
  • Multi Award winning product; (attached image)
  • Scientifically proven results

Positive Ageing's Homecare Range

Look after your skin and keep it looking healthy and vibrant for years to come. With Positive Ageing’s specially created formula’s resulting in leading class serums and masks that can help rejuvenate the skins with combinations of Minerals, Vitamins and specifically created formula’s.

Designed by Renowned Professor and Plastic Surgeon Giuseppe Pacilli to reverse the effects of time on your skin.